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Our job is to take care of your business to free you up while you work on your craft. We want to help cast the vision and work side-by-side with you to make your business shine and thrive, stress-free.

Here's a little about the heart and face behind this business.

business management and content creation for industry leading entrepreneurs

With two girls in tow, they spend their days connecting with creative businesses to help entrepreneurs flourish in telling their stories. The beloved beginnings, learned processes, the in-between, and executed visions. 

By day, Cortney's husband, Weston, is renovating homes throughout Knoxville, and weekends are dedicated to supporting all things BTS. 

Collectively, they’ve made Tennessee home after moving from Oregon in early 2021 and are thrilled to support creative business owners and entrepreneurs doing what they love.

You know when you have an idea and fully express it to someone, and it makes total sense to them?! That’s just how BTS started.

Cortney has been in the wedding and floral design industry for 6+ years and has seen countless vendors and clients wish they could capture their brand’s story and processes. One too many missed before and afters and a lack of captured content to show for all the work accomplished, truly left an open door for the BTS vision.

Cortney is the visionary, inspired by textiles–colors–textures, and energized by the morning light. Weston is the realist when it comes to Cortney’s creative ventures, but this big idea was one that without question– ignited a fire within them.

the woman behind the curtain, cortney

BTS Collaborative


Rachelle R.

"if there was a
cloning machine, we'd make more Cortneys! "

"Cortney has been an absolute pleasure to have on the
team. Her follow up skills and communication have kept our clients consistently moving forward towards their goals and achieving more out of their days."

Jordan L.

"Cortney is A Visionary"

"Cortney is a visionary. The detail, thought and heart...
was more than we could have imagined."

client praise

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